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Irish Dimensions is an award winning dance company that performs throughout Southern California. Our shows celebrate the legends, folklore and culture of Ireland through music and dance. 

Our mission is to share the joy and beauty of Irish dance and have a positive impact on our communities, our audiences and our dancers. Our dance company offers performance instruction for all ages and levels in traditional and Riverdance technique, two beautiful styles of dance that incorporate. all the elements of ballet, tap and lyrical. 

Our studio provides a positive approach and supportive environment with small classes and passionate teachers, where students learn and progress with Irish Dimensions unique performance-based program

We are a performance dance company focused on entertaining, and sharing the Irish culture with our audiences. Typically, we perform at over 25 different venues each dance season. We also donate many of these performances to under-served audiences and charitable organizations. Far more than just developing very accomplish Irish dancers, our program helps build character and personal responsibility. Students gain focus, enhanced memory, confidence, leadership skills, self-esteem, stage presence, discipline and a true sense of the value of teamwork

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